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My Nutritional Philosophy

I'm dedicated to discovering products and brands that champion a wellness-centered lifestyle. I firmly advocate for the use of genuine, premium-grade ingredients while avoiding preservatives, artificial flavors, inflammatory oils, and synthetic chemicals.

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Seal of Approval

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Seal of Approval

Some of Coach Tay's Favorite Picks!

Coach Tay's Commitment to Wellness

Wellness is a journey, navigated between coach and client— one I aim to make seamless by providing the right tools and products, targeted programs and all the support my clients need to reach their wellness goals.

***Affiliate Disclosure***

I do receive a small affiliate commission from sales made through my affiliate link on this page.  It’s not much, but the little bit of money I receive helps to keep my website active, and helps to keep my prices affordable.  I only recommend products that I know and trust; products that I use everyday myself.  I do not endorse products that I would not use myself or feed to my kids.  For your support please take advantage of using my discount code to get additional savings. Thanks for supporting Heal Wholistic Nutrition!



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