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Exploring nutrition is a powerful means to enhance your well-being. My eBook programs are meticulously crafted to EDUCATE you on the art of nurturing and rejuvenating your body while achieving rapid weight loss
On the Scales

5-Day Rapid Weight Loss Guide


Struggling to shed those last 5-10 pounds? With the tactics revealed in this program, you can kickstart your journey to shedding those stubborn pounds in a matter of hours – yes, you read that correctly!

Our plan harnesses the power of extended fasting and produces truly extraordinary outcomes.

The eBook includes:

5-day meal plan, recipe & measurement tracker


7-Day Wholistic Detox


Following a carb and sugar binge, a detox is precisely what you need! It serves as the perfect remedy to rejuvenate your energy, harmonize your gut, and ignite your weight loss journey.

Our program includes a detailed 33-page eBook that empowers you with everything you require to prime your body's natural detox processes, streamlining your path to success like never before.


The eBook includes:

7-day meal plan, recipes, shopping list and more!

Blackberry and Lemon Detox

21-Day Sugar Detox


Consuming too much added sugar can make you feel tired, sick and weighed down. Sugar can cause toxins to accumulate in your body resulting in chronic inflammation and high blood pressure, both of which are pathological pathways to chronic diseases. With this plan you can finally get over sugar cravings, lose weight and feel great again!

This plan includes:

Access to nutrition modules, a meal plan, recipes, Sugar IQ guide, Intermittent Fasting guide, and access to our private group chat.


Fasting Keto 30-Day Program


Intermittent fasting and the ketogenic diet are two popular eating strategies that can both boost weight loss, enhance metabolic health and much more. This 30-day plan outlines how to properly incorporate these two methods into your lifestyle for FAST weight loss, increased energy and better health!


The eBook includes:

a meal plan, recipes, shopping list and more!

My Passion For Wellness

Heal Wholistic Nutrition grew out of my passion for holistic wellness and my deep desire to help women feel their best without feeling restricted. I believe we must be fueled physically, spiritually and emotionally in order to feel whole and to live a vibrant, fulfilling life. The tools, programs and eBooks I provide all help to fulfill that purpose.




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