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Restore Wellness Membership

Get to the Core of Good Health!

This membership was created to propel you toward improved metabolic health, emphasizing holistic well-being through the provision of essential knowledge and tools.

With the Restore Wellness membership, you gain access to COACHING, ACCOUNTABILITY, RESOURCES, & EDUCATION.

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Who is This Membership For?

Holding a Fabric Mask

This membership unlocks your body’s full potential by:

  • Working out your goals. 

  • Encouraging you to dream big, but start small.

  • Motivating you to build good habits.

  • Challenging you to see yourself as worthy.

  • Inspiring you to try new things.

  • Requiring you to learn as much as you can. 

  • Demanding that you embrace failure, and never stop trying!

What's Included in the Membership?


Customized Meal Plans

  • Done-for-you weekly meal plans 

  • Auto generated grocery list

  • Macros & nutrition tracker

  • Meal planning templates

Digital Recipe

Delicious Recipes

  • Access to Meal Garden app

  • Keto, vegan, low carb, & paleo plans

  • Monthly themed recipe collections

  • Create and import recipes

Working from Home

Nutrition Learning Hub

  • LIVE Q & A sessions

  • Monthly masterclasses & workshops

  • Nutrition resource library 

  • Free eBooks and guides

Calorie Count

Food & Fitness App

  • Easily log food & exercise

  • Track macros & target goals

  • In app 1:1 chat support with coach

  • Sync with Apple Watch or Fitbit

Bottle of Capsules

 Supplement Protocols

  • Personalized supplement plan

  • Receive 10% member discount

  • Additional 5% autoship discount

  • Free shipping on orders over $50

Fitness Friends

Community Support

  • Private Wholistic Fam community

  • Daily affirmations & tips

  • Motivating challenges

  • Effortless Weight Management: Achieve your ideal weight without the struggle.

  • Revitalize Your Sleep: Enjoy rejuvenating sleep that leaves you refreshed and ready to conquer the day.

  • Unleash Your Inner Energy: Fuel your days with boundless vitality and enthusiasm.

  • Master Your Food Confidence: Be in control and confident with every food choice you make.

  • Medication Freedom: Experience the freedom of reduced reliance on prescription drugs.

  • Your Health, Your Rules: Take charge of your health by preventing, managing, and even reversing chronic conditions with ease.

Dance Fitness Class

Enroll today and kickstart your journey to wellness!

Join a community of women who share your dedication to health and well-being, and gain the motivation, confidence, and accountability you need to restore your wellness!

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Better health is just a click away!




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